Life in Snapshots

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Art and Peggy’s Wedding Day
Peggy with her son (Mike) and Daughter Trish
Art with her son, Mike, and daughter, Trish
Peggy with her son, Mike, and daughter Trish.
Art with his youngest son, Colin.
Peggy and Art with their daughter, Trish, youngest son, Colin, and Peggy’s cousins from Milwaukee, Pat and Mike.
Art’s brother Hugh and his wife Bernice
Peggy’s cousin Spike, Florrie, Art’s sister Grace, her husband Jack, Art and Peggy with children Mike, Trish and Colin. And Peggy’s Mom Lily.
Art and Peggy with their son Mike, daughter-in-law Charlette and daughter Trish, on Mike and Charlette’s wedding day.
Peggy and daughter Trish, with cousins from Milwaukee, Danny, Dan, Chris and Kerry.
Peggy and Art with Peggy’s cousins from Milwaukee and Ireland.
Art, Peggy, Son Colin, Grand Child Ryan, Daughter-in-Law Charlette, and eldest son Mike.
Art & Peggy
Art & Peggy at their 30th wedding anniversary
Art & Peggy
Art and Peggy’s Children, Colin, Trish and Mike. Their nephew Don and nieces Janice and Jeanne
Art and Peggy with Peggy’s American cousins.
Art & Peggy with son, Mike
Art & Peggy with Peggy’s cousin’s Deb and Bill
Art & Peggy at their first grandchild’s baptism with children, Mike, Trish and Colin and daughter-in-law Charlette while pregnant with second grandchild Mitchell.
Art playing for his grandson, Ryan.
Art & Peggy
Art & Peggy with daughter, Trish, and grand children, Ryan, Mitchell and Allison.
Art & Peggy
Peggy with her Irish cousin’s Jakki and Don.
Peggy with grandchild, Ethan.
Peggy at her book launch.
Peggy and Colin at Lake-on-the-Mountain after interview for County Writes . . . County Reads.
Peggy with son Mike, daughter Trish, daughter-in-law Charlette and grandchildren Ryan, Mitchell, Allie and Ethan.
Peggy with her faithful companion, Oreo, in a promotional shot for Word on the Street, Toronto.
Peggy at her booth at Word on the Street, Toronto